From the time I became obsessed with Japanese author Kobo Abe -- during my time studying for a Master's degree in Japanese Literature at the University of Colorado in Boulder (U.S.) -- I began writing, almost feverishly, a number of short stories. This obsession persisted through the time I moved to Hiroshima, Japan as a teacher of Business English for two years, where I wrote my first short novel. Eventually, I ended up returning to the U.S. and attending Brown University, where I picked up a Master of Fine Arts in fiction writing before returning to Japan in 2011 to teach American Literature and English at Kyushu University in Fukuoka, Japan before moving to Tokyo in 2019.


Although, in recent years, I have focused primarily on musical activities (outside of teaching), and more recently on video editing as well, I also began teaching literature classes to students in Japan (Tokyo) again from last year -- both American and Japanese literature in translation -- and I have also, perhaps as a result, recently begun to think quite seriously again about writing some new short stories this year (2021), maybe even a short novel or some other form of fiction and/or non-fiction and/or something in-between. Who knows what will happen?!?


In the meantime, a number of my short stories still remain published online, as well as two collections of short fiction that can be downloaded directly via the links provided below. As both collections have also been reviewed (some of the links are now dead, unfortunately, much to my dismay, though I am not too surprised...), I am hereby providing portals to those that can still be viewed at present.


Reviews of Sui Generis and Other Fictions:

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Nathan Lea review

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An interview with Marc about the "Sui Generis" collection and experimental fiction more generally 

via Cousins Reading Series (2010) can be read here.

Read online and/or download the Sui Generis collection FREE via ISMs Press



A review of Nothing Man by Nick Jackson

A link to the download page for Nothing Man: Fictions, by Marc Lowe at Apple Books is right over



"Stories" page, with multiple readable short fictions, at Fictionaut here.

Some Published Online Stories (still in existence, amazingly!):

"Merlot" @ Big Bridge

"Anchor" @ elimae

"Patterns" @ Gone Lawn

"The Soldier" @ Gone Lawn

"Emblems (or, The Incident)" @ Storyglossia