Marc Lowe is an electronic composer, a singer, a drummer (since middle school), a synth/keyboardist, and he also plays the guitar, mostly acoustic. He started learning to make music in the second grade, when he studied Mozart and classical music via the clarinet. Later, he picked up the saxophone, but soon traded in his woodwinds for the drums and rock music (at that time, mostly heavy progressive rock).


Marc always loved singing, and started taking the art seriously when he began college and studied operatic vocals, hence his love of vibrato and dramatic vocal stylizations (add to that his obsession from his late teens with artists such as David Bowie, and the picture comes further into focus).

Marc picked up the guitar for the first time in 2015, after writing songs a cappella for a time and strongly desiring the ability to further arrange them himself. He was a "bandman" for a couple of years, though quickly realized that he preferred making music on his own. In 2017 he bought a Korg USB keyboard, and his arrangements became more electronic, and more complex.


Stylistically, his music ranges from acoustic love songs to Industrial rock, from ambient and noise compositions to world music-influenced soundscapes, from vocal-heavy 5 minute songs to instrumental compositions that can run anywhere from 10 to 20+ minutes in length.

Marc's first LP of 2021 was entitled "Hope," and it is now available from streaming services worldwide, and for purchase via Bandcamp. The LP is rather dark, yet hints at the light to come, hopefully by the end of this year/beginning of next, as C-19 becomes less of a threat to our society (due to vaccinations and new drugs that will likely be developed), and as we all learn to better adapt to our "new normal."

More recently, Marc completed a second LP, entitled "The Sun Is Coming." It builds on themes presented on the earlier LP "Hope," but is a much quieter affair, with some acoustic pieces blended in with dark ambient soundscapes, samples retrieved from his iPhone (some dating back many years), and improvisatory spoken word pieces. Marc created two self-shot/self-edited music videos for the LP, which can be viewed at his YouTube and Vimeo pages.

In addition to the LPs, Marc has recently been collaborating regularly with photographer/videographer Akiko Honda on a combination of music videos, live videos (in-studio electronic, outdoor acoustic), and short documentary/interview films. Honda-san's photography has also been used as the cover art for "Hope," and for a series of singles and EPs released via streaming services.

A new compilation LP of rearranged/remastered original songs dating back to 2015, entitled "Redux," is now available on streaming services worldwide, and an LP of live-in-studio acoustic songs (with some drum machine beats, effectorized guitar sounds, and improvisational elements) entitled "Take You Home" is also now available via Marc's Bandcamp page.

Marc currently resides in Tokyo, Japan.