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Marc Lowe is a composer, an electronic musician, a guitarist, a singer-songwriter, a drummer (since middle school), and a videographer. He does all of his own album covers, editing, sound design, and mixing/mastering for all recordings via Logic. Marc also teaches both American and Japanese literature, as well as current events, translation, and other types of language classes as requested at the university level in Tokyo, Japan, where he has lived since late 2019.


Marc started his musical journey in the second grade, when he studied Mozart and classical music via the clarinet. Later, he picked up the saxophone, but soon traded in his woodwinds for the drums and rock music (at the time, mostly heavy progressive rock -- Bonham, Bruford, Peart, Copeland, etc.).


Marc always loved singing, and started taking the art seriously when he began college and studied operatic vocals, hence his love of vibrato and dramatic vocal stylizations (add to that his obsession from his late teens with artists such as David Bowie -- later David Sylvian, Scott Walker, Jeff Buckley, etc. -- and the picture comes further into focus).

Marc picked up the guitar for the first time in 2015, after writing songs a cappella for a time as the lead singer for a Fukuoka-based hard rock band and strongly wanting to be able to fully arrange them by himself. After the dissolution of his second band-effort in 2016, he bought a Korg USB keyboard, and his arrangements became more electronic, and more complex. Mixing/mastering in Logic Pro X, he now had all of the tools needed to become a self-produced solo artist.


Today Marc combines acoustic and electronic elements, piano and sampling, vocal and non-vocal styles in different ways, with a large heaping of improvisation, ambient/noise, and other forms of "sound collage." If one requires a label for this, one might consider "Sui Genesis," or perhaps a more standard term to define it, such as "Alternative Music" or "Experimental Music," though no single label quite covers it, so please listen to a few things from a few different times and places and decide for yourself.


Labels, ultimately, are unnecessary here.

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