Review of "The Sun Is Coming"

"Musicians are artists, that's for sure! Some use a concept of stuck genre boundaries and others ignore these boundaries and break the chains that they have imposed on themselves. This definitely applies to the artist Marc Lowe, who lives in Tokyo, Japan...

Conclusion 9 out of 10: Fantastic concept album of the high quality variety."


Read the review (in German) at She Wolf and/or Excess Mag

"...nailing the moment. fidgety, fevered, menacing, “cool kid” organo-mechanical digital sinew.. throwing strops, fits, break-downs, overloads & pure panic attack & hebephrenic hemorrhage.

from what little i understand, it’s an American guy in Tokyo (Marc Lowe) locking leg-irons with a mainland drifting minstrel."

Read the review at the "Jikokuki" blog here (scroll down to "Lower Than God: We Advance Masked").

"Formerly based in Fukuoka but now in Tokyo, Marc Lowe is an often bewilderingly prolific musician with a vast catalogue of releases from a variety of projects, ever-muddled by deletions, repackagings and remixes, veering between Jeff Buckley-esque melodramatic guitar-led songsmithery and industrial soundscapes..."

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