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"It’s inspiring to know that while mainstream culture is at an all time nadir, artists like

Marc Lowe are making uncompromising art and music that really matters."

Alex Faulkner for The Faulkner Review

Friends, welcome to the Marc Lowe homepage.

It has been quite a year so far, hasn't it? And, it seems, things are about to get much hotter soon, even as we now find ourselves moving into the autumn/winter months of this year 2023, this year of change and of continued, seemingly unending conflicts, contradictions, confusion, and chaos throughout society, in places as close and as far as you and I are from one another right now...


This year I have been concentrating my limited time and energies (we all have to eat, sleep, rest, work, and play as well, after all, and I am no exception...) on expanding my musical palette in various ways.


From: solo incursions combining acoustic singer-songwriter material from past lives in newer, looser arrangements with electronic atmospherics  (i.e. "Triad 2023"), to a trilogy of LPs dealing with what it means to be human, which is to say to NOT be "Artificially Intelligent" or an "Alien Being from Outer Space," but to instead be mortal, susceptible, inconsistent, and beautifully-flawed, hence also capable of creating emotionally-driven Art, with or without the aid of machines (e.g. "To Be Human," "Humachinations," "Beyond the Body")...


From: a revival of the This Dark Shroud '90s Industrial music-influenced side-project begun in 2018, now having a fresh, new perspective and an updated sound, both reflecting the divisive and divided post-Covid, bipolar world we are currently living in/through (perhaps rushing towards our destruction, nuclear proliferation increasing, threatening our species' extinction, paving the way, as Einstein once said, for a war that shall be fought with sticks and stones tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands (?) of years after we have obliterated ourselves...or, perhaps, instead, the pollinators shall die of heat exhaustion before our long, sun-less winter arrives, leaving us without even our morning cup o' joe?), to reinterpreting other artists' material (e.g. the TDS tracks "North Star" and "A Drowning," also "Non-Entity" and the David Bowie "1. Outside" tribute LP "Lost In the Minotaur's Lair"), collaborations with fellow Tokyo Alt-Ambient artists Inibura Tanao and Katakamuii, to solo piano improvisations and palimpsestic reconstructions of recent material...

And so, this year I have continued to do simply what I have been doing more or less since the beginning, which is to keep moving...I might say "forward(s)," but maybe it's more like "forwards and backwards at one and the same time." If that doesn't make sense after first reading this, listen to some of my past work side-by-side with some of the newer things and it will eventually start coming clearer, I think. If the present moment is all we ever have, the past is a history book from which we may borrow some themes and/or phrases, while the future ever-remains an uncertainty with no guarantee that "we" will even be a part of it.


But, once again, "I'm getting ahead of myself..."

Thank you very much for visiting, for viewing and for listening, and, of course, for your interest and support (by "support" I don't mean financial, but by the simple fact that you are now visiting my page).

Marc Lowe

Tokyo, Japan

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